Friday, March 18, 2011

I remember I was back in high school when I first discovered this band. I loved them soooo much, then I found better stuff. XD Nevertheless this stuff is still damn good, imo.

Band: Ensiferum
Song: Old Man
Album: Ensiferum

So much farther off than time could reach
Today it would be too late
So much despair he has bled
but will he wither away
No one knows that you must keep
this Old Man wide awake
'cause no one knows that he could feed
our lives with a brighter flame

Hush little dreamer, the bearer of light
has come to set you free
Now little dreamer at last you can sigh
'cause the nightmares will be released

Sweeter far than life from I
found that love was
Sweeter far than love to die as he did

Hush little dreamer, the bearer of light
has come to set you free
Now little dreamer at last you can sigh
'cause the nightmares will be released

The stars fell from the nightsky
as he reached his hands in the air
As the sun peeked between the trees
the Old Man burst to tears

Thursday, March 17, 2011


No more from Eluveitie. Next I will cover two albums from Ensiferum. Their self-titled and Iron.

Band: Ensiferum
Song: Token of Time
Album: Ensiferum

Harvest the field of time
with the old man's scythe
The narrow path of the chosen one
reaches beyond life

I set sails for the ageless winds
No fear of dying or a thought of surrender
I threaten every barrier on my way
I am bound forever with Token of Time

Among the humble people
Everything is torn apart
but I'm blessed with faith
and bravely I shall go on

Are thou the bringer of hope and joy
that I've waited for years
I shall fight to restore the moon
Wisdoms of time are carved on the sacred wood

Do thou possess spiritual powers
that would dispel all my fears
I shall not die until the seal is broken
Token of Time is trusted in the hands of the chosen one

Monday, March 14, 2011

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Sempiternal Embers
Album: Everything Remains as It Never Was

Glowing and blazing
In the wind of times
Ever lit
Searching and fathoming
The fires arcane
Consuming flames
Sparks to imbue
Our very souls

The very breath of life
Flickering from the depths
Of eternity

Never asleep
Never extinct
Not ever ceasing to gleam
Never sear
The sempiternal embers
Never profaned
Never fail
Not ever ceasing to refine
Never forfeit
Never faint
The sempiternal embers

The essence of being
The form of existence
Forever inflamed with passion
Heart of hearts
Burning so bright
Yet clandestine

Gleaming in the lair
Of the powers to be
The four mighty ones
The high kings concealed

Giving birth to the glimmer within
Incessantly fostering the flames...

Glowing and blazing
In the wind of times
Ever lit
Searching and fathoming
Sparks to imbue
Our very souls

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I haunt your fear

I don't know where Quoth the Raven would fit, but I do know that this is probably one of my favorite songs from them. When Anna does her scream nearing the end of the song, I can't help but get a surge of adrenaline throughout my body. It happens every time @ concerts.

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Quoth the Raven
Album: Everything Remains as It Never Was

I am the mystery
And I am the bringer of moonless night
I bear the wisdom arcane
I, harbinger from the burrowed isle

Once you break forth
Hearken the flap of my wings

I haunt your fears
Though you don't know of my duty
To lead your path
Because I'll take you home to rest
In my black wings enfolding you

I am the icon sublime
The guide of the voyage clandestine
I sing the verses bewailed
I, torch of the radiant way

Once you step out
Hearken the strokes of my wings
Once you will leave your cocoon
I will be there

And death will smile his barefaced smile
Initiating your final anguish
It is not before my arrival
that you will be lead to feel
the natural serenity of leaving this world...
Hear my wings caressing the wind!
Hear my kraaak!

I haunt your fear
Though you don't know my duty
To lead your path
Because I'll take you home to rest
In my black wings, enfolding you

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is v!

Kingdom Come Undone brutality after the calm Isara, just like Bloodstained to Anagantios

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Kingdom Come Undone
Album: Everything Remains as It Never Was

While the noose is tightening
You still sit here on your fleeting throne
So busy with your own little feuds
And your own blinker crowns

But we all are Gauls
And we are free at least by now
So take the fucking plunge
Rise and unite

United we'll stand!

This is v for vengeance
This is v for vehemence
This is v for victory
This is v for Vercingetorix

Let them feel the gaulish violence
Impetuous furor
The bite of our blades
Let them see our freedoms ensign
Let us raise our clenched fists in pride

What benefit will it be
To save your crowns but forfeit your freedom at last?
We are one folk and we can make a stand
So lay down your crowns now
Rise and Unite

Wake up!
As one we'll prevail!

This is v for verdict
This is v for valour
This is v for venture
This is reVolt
This is kingdom come undone

Friday, March 11, 2011

Instrumental inc...

Anagantios is superior to Isara, but that's just my opinion. =p

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Isara
Album: Everything Remains as It Never Was

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nil has been compared to Gray Sublime Archon on more than one occasion.
Band: Eluveitie
Song: Nil
Album: Everything Remains as It Never Was

Curtains up for this lurid age
Clear the ring for oppression and greed
Welcome to this wasteland
Of blight and havoc
Once known as my home

Deleting fulfilled!
Erasing procedure done!
Cleansing complete!
It's done, my friend,
it's over and done!

There was nothing left
But the smell of salassian blood
Nil and nothing left
But the braying void in our homes

I never forgot the eyes of the kids
Wrested from their moms
To be sold into slavery
I still can hear
The cries of the raped
And the bellow of the flames
The hymn of absurd death

Heed the chronicles
Of lucrative genocide
The annals of effaced tribes
Pages written in blood

Ave Caesar Augustus
It's done my friend
It's over and done

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slania #2

Many many people are calling this album Slania #2. People are saying that while the songs are different, it has the same feeling. There is a popular song similar to the popular song on Slania. Thousandfold : Inis Mona... anyways I'll be taking you through what people say are the similarities and let you decide for yourself!

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Thousandfold
Album: Everything Remains as It Never Was

Sprinkled by the trappings
Of words that make the outlines
Blur on the showplace of made history
The folk is willed
To parrot the dished up tale
The lure of a higher meaning

Cheat, you had to create
An enemy stereotype
To retrieve your absolution
A forthy poor excuse for your foray
To disengage from the deeps
of your encumbrance

All our gold
Bereave me!
Truths ensign
Forever mine!
Bereave me!

March in with ten legions
Whilst the crucial weapons not he pillum
But the feather held in your hand
Penned in blood
Your tall tales rule the forum
Altering it into the battlefield

I, the spectral guise
Evoking these baring fears
Pestering your conscript fathers
I smile at my demise and while I die
I cherish the roots of my perseverance

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This will probably be the last song I'll post from this album, next and last is their album "Everything Remains as It Never Was."

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Omnos
Album: Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion

Immi daga uimpi geneta,
lana beððos et' iouintutos.
Blatus ceti, cantla carami.
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
pid in cete tu toue suoine,
pid uregisi peli doniobi?
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
pid in cete tu toue suoine

Aia mape coime, adrete!
In blatugabagli uorete,
cante snon celiIui in cete!

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti [x2]

N'immi mapos, immi drucocu.
In cetobi selgin agumi,
selgin blatos tou' iouintutos.
Nu, uoregon, cu, uorigamos,
lamman, cu, suuercin lingamos,
indui uelui cantla canamos!
N'immi mapos, immi drucocu.
In cetobi selgin agumi,

Ne moi iantus gnaton uorega,
iantus drucocunos uoregon,
cante toi in medie cete.

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti [x2]

Cu allate, papon sod urege,
eððiIo de iantu in cridie.
VediIumi: cante moi uosta!

Ne, a gnata, cante t' usstami,
ne uostami, ne te carami.
Ne carami, nec carasumi.

Boua daga uimpi geneta.
Immi trouga, lana nariIas.

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti.
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Acoustic time!

Calling the rain concludes Slania. Next we're going to go into their acoustic album. I won't delve into this album for your sanity. Anything sang isn't of English tongue, so good luck trying to understand it. A lot of the songs are instrumentals and/or chants. Check it out on your own if you like that style of music, but I won't bore you with it here.

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Brictom
Album: Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion

a senit conectos onda bocca nene.
rionti onda boca ne .on barnaunom ponc nit-
issintor sies eianepian digs ne lisantim ne licia-
tim ne rodatim biont- utu semnanom sagitiont-
ias seuerim lissatim licia- tim anandognam acolut
utanit andognam da bocca

inside de bnanom brictom eainom anuana sanander
na brictom uidlaias uidlu tigontias so adgagsona seue rim
tertionicnim lidssatim liciatim eianom uoduiuoderce lunget
..utonid ponc nitixsintor si es duscelinatia ineianon anuana
esi andernados brictom banona flatucias paulla dona politius
iaia duxtir ediagias potita atir paullias seuera du xtir
ualentos dona paullius adiega matir aiias
potita dona primius abesias