Friday, February 25, 2011


I bet some people were getting tired of hearing Elvenking over and over. It's ok though, no more Elvenking anymore! Next we go to Eluveitie. They are a Folk Metal band, but aren't similar to Elvenking at all! They have a HURDY FUCKING GURDY! I bet you people don't even know what a hurdy gurdy is. Well I will teach you something this post.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a hurdy gurdy. You turn the crank that's on the right side of the instrument (left side in the picture) just as you would a jack-in-the-box. Your other hand would go on the bottom where the strings are and amazing sounds come out when you play it. They also use bagpipes in some songs. You're thinking bagpipes aren't fucking metal. Lemme tell you something.... BAGPIPES ARE FUCKING METAL NOW. Plus some flutes and violin. Overall, their play style/skill is rather simple not too complex as other bands but they sound damn good. To date they have produced 5 albums. 4 full length and 1 live album. I will only be looking at their full lengths.... enough talking, on to the metal.

Band: Eluveitie
Song: Your Gaulish War
Album: Spirit

Fraught with so much greed, imperial needs.
Satisfy your hunger for might and blood!
With greedy claws the eagle flew
Leaving chaos and widows on his hunt.

We do not accept to bear the half-moon on our feet
Nor to bow, to the laurel wreath!

"Haec terra mea est" - the urge of your own want
spurring the horse towards the devastating aint.
It's the pauper that accrouches - bared indigence
Your need should cost unnumbered lives!

might and riches you have sought,
willing to pay the price in human lives!

False and fallacious, killing and omnivorous
depleting the value of human life!
But we always knew: You came with fortune
and one day you'd come with steel!

We did not accept to bear the half-moon on our feet!
A tort that pays it wage death?

Well, how does it feel, the blood on your hands?
I hope you had a ball in effacing lives!
Well, how does it feel, the blood on your hands?
I hope the gold you've won bestows your delight!

...standing at the top of all the ruin you have left...
watch our wives remigrate with crooked backs...

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